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Vacation, part 2

More vacation! Yay me! While I’m doing that, feel free to revisit these other old favorites:

See you next week!

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The Importance of Following Your Process

I had an experience a few months ago where I was convinced that I was going through writer’s block. I wasn’t, but I thought I was. Given that this taught me yet another lesson about persistence and process, I figured I’d talk about it a bit. First, though, a little peek into my writing process. At any given moment, I have somewhere between 3 and 10 essays that are ready to go. When it comes

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Why People Avoid Mirror Affirmations

Anyone who’s heard me talk about self-confidence more than once or twice has heard me talking about mirror affirmations. I’m a huge believer in them. Doing them literally changed my life. My experience with suggesting them to clients and sponsees, though, is that very few people are willing to give them a try. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by this—after all, it took me two years of hearing the suggestion every week for

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The Value of Going Through the Motions

I sometimes hear people talking about their process and complain that “I’m just going through the motions. None of this feels meaningful at all!” While I totally understand the desire for all of the work we do to feel meaningful in the moment, I’d like to take a minute or two and defend the value of going through the motions. I have definitely had the experience of just going through the motions. The two things

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I’m Not Enough (A Personal Story Of Limiting Beliefs)

For years, I believed that I was not enough. I believed that I wasn’t smart enough. Tall enough. Good-looking enough. Talented enough. Dedicated enough. Strong enough. Persistent enough. Whatever “it” was, I wasn’t “it” enough. 1 One of the horrible things about limiting beliefs is that they interact with confirmation bias2 in a vicious cycle. When we have a belief, it’s easy to look for things that would confirm that our belief is true, and

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One Simple Trick For More Self-Confidence!

(SPOILER ALERT: There is no one simple trick for more self-confidence. Just repeated work. Usually hard work, repeated over and over. Usually a variety of different kinds of work. If there were “one simple trick,” everyone would have self-confidence, and I’d be out of a job. 😊) There are tons of examples of purported miracle cures out there. Eat this one food to slim belly fat! This one weird posture trick will make you irresistible

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