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One Year!

One year ago today, I published my very first article on this blog. I remember thinking beforehand about whether or not I could pull it off. Did I really have a year’s worth of stuff to say? (Did I even have a month’s worth of stuff to say?) Could I really keep up the habit of writing, week in and week out? I didn’t think of myself as a writer, so it was hard to imagine writing a thousand words or so, every week, week in and week out, for any extended period of time.

I talked to some friends, some of whom had also done some blogging, and while they were encouraging, they were also cautious. I heard a few versions of “Be sure you know what you’re getting into.”

And, of course, I didn’t. 😊

Some parts of this adventure have, of course, been easier than others. There have been times when I had a stockpile of stuff written and ready to go, and other times when I was writing over the weekend to finish the thing that would go live that week. But, every week for the past year, without fail, something new has gone live. And, according to the comments I get from some of you, much of it has even been valuable and helpful.

So, congratulations to me! And, more importantly, thanks to all of you who are reading along, whether by email, on the website, or following me on the socials. I don’t enjoy the sound of my own voice enough to do this without someone getting some value out of it. Hope you continue to find it worthwhile as I continue to write.

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